A non-knitting update

Photo 131

I found these awesome high-waisted green linen shorts at goodwill. The white tshirt just appeared in my room. I didn’t buy it and neither did Annie. Who knows.

The weather here in Kent, Ohio has been surprisingly warm these past few days. I can always tell it is spring when the jesus pamphlet people are back. Oh yea, and when the creepy lunch man tells me he’s glad to see “the girls out therein their shorts and skirts.”

Anyways, we decided to run away. On this journey, there was to be no talk of relationships, jobs or school. Rules are rules.

When we first got onto the train tracks, my friend Sarah asked “What do we do if a train comes?”
And I said “Uh…I think we’d hear it coming long before it hit us.”

Just then, we saw a train coming around the bend. We hadn’t noticed because we thought the bridge was always lit in such a manner. We got out of the way and it was amazing. I’ve never been that close before.


We walked along the train tracks for a few miles and then turned back. It felt right.

(I think Annie has been reading a bit too much Babysitters Club lately.)

We hoped to meet another traveling band of disgrunteled twenty-somethings but we did not. I wish my life was more like a short story.

In knitting news, I am trying to knit a skein a day on Dexter. Today, however I am holing up in the library researching stuff for a paper. You can tell by this blog that I am doing a real good job of this.


About Sarah James

I am a senior public relations student at Kent State University. I hope to one day work for a nonprofit. I enjoy knitting, writing and biking.
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