For keepsies

Last night, Dana and I watched Casper and reminisced about childhood. I know I am not old enough to legitimately talk about being a child, but I was 6 when it came out so I feel it is all right.

Anyways, I knit during the film.

I have made this bunny a few times before, but I have always given them away. Not this one though, this one is for keepsies.

Photo 150

I am using Dolcetto a Joann sensations yarn from my limited almost empty dorm room stash.

In other news, I finished one of my spring forward socks, and also Dexter! After blocking, it ended up being kind of big but I guess I am okay with it. I might reinforce the neck edge a bit, and I will take plenty of pictures after that. The colors turned out really lovely.

I will be returning home to Cleveland tomorrow!


About Sarah James

I am a senior public relations student at Kent State University. I hope to one day work for a nonprofit. I enjoy knitting, writing and biking.
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