Crochet baby blanket

If your name is Kateyln and you are pregnant with twins,

Photo 300

My favorite cousin, Katelyn, is pregnant with twins. I am making her a BUNCH of stuff because that’s what I do. I think I am going to make her distinctly different things for each baby because I’m sure she will be sick of two of everything.

I am using the 200 Crochet Block book and Caron’s Country, a wool blend. I have never used it before but I must say, I LOVE the muted color palate and how the fabric drapes.

More and higher quality pictures when I finished later on tonight.


About Sarah James

I am a senior public relations student at Kent State University. I hope to one day work for a nonprofit. I enjoy knitting, writing and biking.
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2 Responses to Crochet baby blanket

  1. Bri Z. says:

    that is such a cute baby blanket!!

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