Halloween Knits

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Halloween in Kent (or any college, really) is widely celebrated. As a fifth-year senior, I had seen my fair share of silly costumes. I’d dressed up as Cyndi Lauper in 2008, Annie Hall in 2009, Chuckie Finster of the Rugrats in 2010 and for 2011…I had no idea.

This year, I had a lot on my plate and wasn’t able to put together a decent costume to save my life. I had resigned myself to being something silly, like a sexy taxidermist or a jaded college student when my boyfriend, Kevin came up with a grand, grand idea. “Let’s be each other!”

With only one day to bring it all together- I think we did a fine job. I used a bunch of silly novelty yarn and crocheted a cap to which I latched an array of yellow and orange fuzzy yarns to make the wig. My friend Ally came up with the beard pattern and I simply imitated her brilliance. It hooks onto the the ears. Ally- here is your plug 😉

As for the clothes- we just traded 🙂

What were you for the holiday?


About Sarah James

I am a senior public relations student at Kent State University. I hope to one day work for a nonprofit. I enjoy knitting, writing and biking.
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