Earlier this week I tore my apartment apart in the sake of cleaning and sanity. In the process, I found many UFOs (Un-Finished Objects, in knit-speak.) 24 of them. 24! That is for sure too many for one knitter. I made a list and vowed to finish at least three for every new project I start.

Here is the first thing I checked off of the list. Tam C, from the Winter 2007 issue of Knitty. I used Crystal Palace Yarn’s Aran and of course, the lovely Noro Silk Garden. Although the pattern calls for a white main color, I liked the peach too much to resist

It is going into the Christmas gift pile.

Still on the needles:

  1. Striped Tunic
  2. Tam C
  3. Marlene socks
  4. Fake bear skin rug
  5. Potholder bag
  6. Veyla fingerless lace mittens
  7. Neon pink mohair dress (!!!)
  8. Brown mittens…that I meant to finish and mail to Adam in 2010
  9. Record bag…that I remember working on when I worked at a call center in 2010
  10. Bunny with one leg (eek!)
  11. Felted Lopi bag…that I started when I LIVED IN THE DORMS
  12. Weird thing with blue and grey circles I started in Buffalo, Winter 2008
  13. Crochet bunny…meant to be the central character in a knit picture book I almost made
  14. White cashmere Whisper cardigan…bought this yarn when the yarn shop I worked for went under in 2009
  15. Purple tweed mittens
  16. Peaks Island Scarf
  17. Stretchy tank…meant to seam in 2007. Bought this yarn when I visited Kent State University
  18. Scarp-yarn hoodie
  19. Random granny square….object. No idea when this was/is supposed to be
  20. Purple and green granny square….thing
  21. Striped scarf

Looks like I will start on the knit tunic!


About Sarah James

I am a senior public relations student at Kent State University. I hope to one day work for a nonprofit. I enjoy knitting, writing and biking.
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3 Responses to UFOs

  1. You continue to do such amazing work! I’m so excited to see EVERYTHING on this list!

  2. so many thingggggs. that tam is sick ❤

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