Hey everyone! I have finally set up my Purl Pixador Etsy Shop!

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Summer socks

Knitting this winter’s socks this summer on the beach

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More flowers

I have been a flower making machine! I am selling these hair clips for 15 or 18, depending on the flower. Drop me a line at to buy one of these or order a custom piece. Man, fall will be fun.

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Flowers 4 Fall

Hey guys! I have been holed up in my apartment making pretty lil’ hair clips, pins, headbands and bracelets for sale this fall. See anything you like? Have a request? Let me know, fall is sooner than you think…. Drop me a line at and we’ll work something out.

All of these are available for sale except for the bottom right.

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A weekend of sweaters

I have been a knitting MACHINE this weekend! Kent has been rainy as ever and it has been great for my needles. First, I finished the scrapbook sweater. For a long while I had saved the tiniest little balls of yarn, knowing one day I would do something killer with them. Each time I picked out a new yarn I felt like a painter. It was a great trip down the knitting memory lane. I remembered the red yarn I used to make my mom a hat, the blue yarn I used to make my little brother Zachary his first sweater. I like saving the scraps. It is like making something from nothing! I hope to build up some more scarps soon to make another. Maybe a vest?

It is super comfortable! I got a chance to wear it this afternoon while knitting my latest, a cabled shell made from Italian mohair… expect that one soon

I improvised this crazy blue thing right after I cast off the scrapbook sweater. It wasn’t really what I was aiming for, but I think I know what I will make next as a result. I used three strands of Sugar and Cream held together and a size #US 19 needle to construct this crazy thing. I am pretty sure it belongs to my friend Kelsey. I know she’ll know how to rock it. When I try this type of sweater again I will make it less….fabric.

 It is pretty dramatic, ey?

More soon!

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Sideways sweater for Hannah

This is another sweater from the pile of UFOs. I started it sometime in the spring from scraps of who knows what from my grandmother’s yarn stash. The main yellow yarn is Cascade Ecological Wool and I think the maroon is something by Teva Durham. The crazy yarn could be anything.

When I finished it, I let some of my friends try it on. Who do you guys think it looks better on- Zach or Hannah?

Spoiler alert- I ended up giving the sweater to Hannah for her birthday. Sometimes when I finish things I decide they belong to someone else entirely. When I started this strange sideways sweater I wasn’t even sure what I was making. I started at one sleeve and worked clear across to the other side with a size #US 10 needle. The collar is worked in a #US 9 in a twisted rib.


I hope Hannah likes her new sweater just as much as I like my new pants:

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Friend photoshoot

I posted a few days back about finishing all of the random projects I have left to languish over the years. This “fishnet” fringe vest is one of them. I remember crocheting this at the call center, pulling surveys from loons with landlines. I used Malabrigo worsted weight and a H hook. All I had to finish was ONE side seam. Really, self? REALLY?

I crocheted these strange, strange mohair striped SUSPENDERS ages ago. I wore them once and didn’t really know how to rock them right. As you can see, my buddy Bailey knows how to rock them. My dopey camera misfired but the result is kind of cool, ey?

I got three bee stings during this photo shoot, bringing my grand total for the summer  of 2012 to five. Meaning five in the past FIFTEEN years. I feel like Jerry Seinfeld must have felt after vomiting over his FOURTEEN year streak of vomit-free living.

Anyways, expect more posts soon as I bang out the rest of the things on that list. Maybe I will switch to the bunnies? Maybe the Marlene socks?

…Stay tuned.


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